Turn-key solutions for streaming media platform

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 Turn-key solutions provide head-end system, broadcasting platforms, and customer devices; in addition, we offer Internet connectivity, servers, cloud-computing, and associated services in the greater China region.

一站式媒体平台 One-stop-shopping solutions

What we can be offering

Head-end platforms:

  • Integrated Receiving Devices (IRD): including devices for receiving satellite and terrastrial signals, converters, and related components. 
  • Encoders and Transcoders: Software and/or hardware devices 
  • Transformation of streams: supporting most popular streaming formats on the Internet

Broadcasting Platform by Internet Protocols:

  • Build upon the system platform provided by Goalbit Solutions Inc to be an unique Stream Media Media Content Delivery Network:
    • Platform basics with Goalbit Play, including Goalbit Suite, Goalbit Media Server, and Goalbit Apps application solutions.
    • It’s the cost-effective and state-of-the-art platform within Open-sources, but widely applied to many kinds of video and audio streaming through the cloud-base applications.
    • For more information, please visit http://www.thesolarsystems.net/GoalbitPlatform.html
  • Streaming Content Delivery Network (CDN) services provided by Octoshape :
    • According to its unique and proprietary technology with reputation by many well-known content owners, Octoshape is capable to stream any high quality of video streams through many corners in the planet.
    • The most attractive objectives: speeding the buffering time of initiation to play a HD video, the speed of channel-switchover, and the lowest delay-time. Even horse-racing and Golf-play Live broadcasting on its strength of the delivery capability.
    • If you are interested to any solution about Octoshape, particularly broadcasting through the era of the greater China region, please contact us by http://www.thesolarsystems.net/contact.html

Customer devices:

  • Many options for your better solution, including plugins for multiple Internet browsers, Apps for Android and iOS devices, and whatever TV you’re watching now with our OTT (over-the-top) set top boxes.
  • Supporting most media formats in the world.

For understanding of our solutions, please visit  http://www.thesolarsystems.net/MediaPlatform.html .

Our turn-key (One-stop-shop) solution certainly supports Internet access services, Internet data center, cloud-base solution in the greater China region. You may visit our official website of the Solar Systems Limited for more in details.

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