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AI Voice Control Elevator System

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Voice Control Elevator with Emergence Assistance: This technology has been granted with a patent by the Intellitual Property Office, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan:


AI Voice control elevator

Artificial intelligence voice control elevator, self-developed voice control elevator system

This patent applies the latest artificial intelligence and machine learning innovations to industrial control applications. The elevator system can be operated through voice or other automatic control devices, making life more convenient and safer! !

Another boon for the physically and mentally handicapped is that the elevator operation can be controlled through voice. Although the COVID-19 epidemic is slowing down, the potential epidemic is still threatening human beings, and non-contact control will be another new development direction of artificial intelligence! !

Since 2019, System-On-Chip (SoC) has been used to develop, test, and experiment with various voice and voice control platforms. So far, intelligent control systems have been implemented on various platforms. Especially in the environment of offline work, such as closed factories, workshops, or remote mountains, and even our commonly used elevator environment. Now, we use artificial intelligence-like neural network (Neural Network) control chips that can be directly used in commercial activities, In industrial manufacturing and human life, in addition to enriching people’s life, it can also bring convenience, realize barrier-free environment, emergency services for vulnerable groups, and create a broader space and future for human beings! !

In addition, this system can also be customized for various application scenarios, such as hospitals, hotels, smart residences, shopping malls, and schools. . . etc., and different accents can be provided according to different countries, geographical locations, or environments, including standard Mandarin, Cantonese, English, Spanish, or Japanese etc. It will be extended to dialects in the future.

In the beginning we thought about how to let people with disabilities, women or the elderly, hard workers when lifting heavy objects, or other people who are inconvenient to operate the elevator, can ask for help without embarrassment. Through this set of voice recognition technology, the voice recognition ability can reach the successful rate is up to 97%, and the voice response can be customized according to the requirements of the industry, including intonation, reply words, and control procedures.

In addition, this system can also be customized according to different scenarios. For example, in the hotel and restaurant industry, each floor is given a specific name, and the characteristics of the floor can be introduced layer by layer, so that the service can be closer to human nature.

This system also includes an emergency call function. When a person is in the elevator or any enclosed space in any emergent situation, what he needs to do is to call by voice: “Help”, “Help me”, regardless of Mandarin, Taiwanese, Hakka, or even English, Japanese. Then the system will  accept these customized voice call sentences and activate the emergency button, emergency call phone, or directly dial specific call numbers to the central control room, guard room, police station, or any designated place or people for emergency notification. Therefore, it will be minimize any regrets of the accident! !

Thanks to our partners in Beijing, Dongguan, and Hong Kong, we’ve been promoting such elevator/lift markets in China, and other cities in the near future. The following is the relevant promotional video (in Chinese):


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