Showcast & Reference

We proudly support the following organizations to broadcast their contents through this planet.

The Corporation Republic of Hwa Dzan Society


  • The official website, please visit the links as
  • To download Android Apps, please click here.
  • To download iPhone/iPod touch app, please click here; and iPAD please click here.
  • To download Adobe Air Desktop Player
    • For Windows XP/7/8, please click here.
    • For Mac OS X, please click here.
    • For some conditions in Windows environment, the EXE would be blocked by some virus-scanner, please download AIR package with Adobe Air Player.

Creation TV: The Media Evangelism Limited




Live Demonstration with JWPlayer & HTML5, please click here for live-demo

Strategic Partners



  • Multicast Streaming, please click here for the demonstration.
  • Picture in Picture, please click here for the demonstration.
  • Instant Channel Change, please click here for the demonstration.


  • The demonstration of Goalbit P2P platform, please click here for more information.