Professional Service for Software Development, Computing Appliance Design and Development, and System Integration

Software Design & Development

xelium is our software development team based in New Dheli, India, familiar to Web application development, mobile apps development, digital marketing, and educational utilities and tools. We may offer the following fields of software development

Mobile Apps


  • Google Android Apps
    • Pre-bundled, App store downloadable or MVAS applications
    • Native Android apps, Web or even hybrid apps
    • Location aware, entertainment, educational, utility & business apps
    • Create enterprise app store in your brand name
    • Real time custom Push notifications
    • User & developer engagement & monetization frameworks
    • Multimedia apps, Social Media integration, M-commerce
    • Android, J2ME, jQTouch, Phonegap, Eclipse, Javascript expertise
  • Apple iOS Apps
    • Native iOS apps to smart Webview apps
    • Apps optimized for both IPhone & IPAD
    • iOS, SDK’s, PhoneGap, Objective C, Cocoa, X Code, simulators expertise
    • Location aware, entertainment, educational, utility & Business apps
    • Professional designs, Expert programmers, Dedicated testing team
    • Multimedia apps, Social Media integration, M-commerce
    • Real time custom Push notifications
    • Create enterprise app store to enhance your brand visibility
  • Adobe Air Apps
    • Media Player Applications on Adobe Air
    • Supporting Web browser on PC/Mac/Linux, Desktop Application on PC/Mac, and Mobile Apps

Desktop Applications


  • Flash and HTML5 development
  • Multimedia Player
  • Web development
    • Complete website & web application development
    • Customized Ecommerce sply Magento solutions
    • Frontend web development (HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Jquery,Ajax, Flash/Flex)
    • Professional and user friendly design services,
    • Content management solutions WordPress, Joomla, Drupal
    • End to end Testing & QA services
    • Server side technologies (PHP, Servlets, JSP, Perl, .net)
    • Website hosting, Domain Registration, Business email services
    • Custom ERP solutions for your business
    • Scalable, Flexible, Secure cloud based services
    • Integrates all facets of a business from Finance, Material, Sales, HR, customers etc.
    • Custom high-end big-data graphical analytics
    • Right from School/College ERP’s to enterprise level web based solutions
    • Reduce overheads and save costs
    • Cross geographical, multi-region, multi-lingual access
    • Our HRMS has custom EMS(Employee Management system), AMS(Online Attendance system), PMS(Payroll Management System) and RMS(Recruitment management system)



  • Web Design
    • Creative, vibrant web designs & templates applications
    • Smooth & intuitive site navigation
    • Flexible, fluid and adaptive web sites
    • HTML5/CSS3/Javascript supported designs
    • User centered, product specific designs
  • Mobile App Design
    • Live Wallpapers &  Screensavers
    • Mobile Themes to Menu icons
    • Responsive &  User-friendly designs
    • Optimal Viewing Experience
  • Print & Electronic Design
    • Promotional EDM’s
    • Posters- Brochures – Leaflets
    • Technical reports
    • Business cards &  other Print stationary

Digital Marketing


  • SEO
    • Multi Search Engine Submission
    • Local Business Listing
    • Classified Ads Submission
    • Social Bookmarking
    • Directory Submission
    • Article submission
    • Press Releases
    • Blog Creation &  Forum Submission
    • Link Exchange
  • Digital Promotion
    • Google adwords
    • Social Media campaigns
    • Banner ads
    • Video marketing
    • Email marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
    • Mobile web banners/footers
    • In-app advertisements
    • CPI, CTR, CPC analytics
    • App promotion &  user engagement
  • Software outsourcing

Single-board-computer, motherboard, and ARM/Android system design


Motherboard Design


  • Standard form factors of ATX, ITX, mini-ITX, pico-ITX, nano-ITX, EPIC, and 3.5″ Intel/AMD/VIA
  • embedded Motherboard; PC/104 module
  • System On Module (SOM): COM express, ETX, STX
  • ARM-based embedded motherboard
  • Any sizes of form factors satisfying compliances of applications
  • cost-effective, quick-delivery, and full-satisfaction.
  • To build any hardware computing devices for all kinds of applications for Internet of Things (IoT)



Embedded System


  • Support installation of operating system, software, and middleware
  • Support Android and Windows RT application
  • Housing and mechanical design
  • Applications to video/audio streaming, digital signage, surveillance, and….all you can imagine
  • Time to the markets for Internet of Things.

Professional Networking and Telecom Engineering

Professional Network Design and Provision


  • Software-defined networking (SDN) is an approach to computer networking which evolved from work done at UC Berkeley and Stanford University around 2008.[1] SDN allows network administrators to manage network services through abstraction of lower level functionality. (i.g. captured from Wikipedia). We proudly cooperate with some colleges in China developing the technologies of SDN for the next generation of networking technologies.
  • Provisioning and design for telecommunication system
    • Voice over Internet Protocol, VOIP, system design and deployment
    • Voice communication among traditional telecom system, VOIP, and mobile applications
    • Video conferencing and Internet meeting platform
    • Application development for user-end appliances
    • Provisioning and design for enterprise network
    • Internet data center, virtualization service platform, and inter-networking connectivity
    • Software Defined Network algorithm
    • Professional consultation, plans, deployment, operating, management, and maintenace