Internet Multimedia System

Our development of video streaming system and application supports the customized solutions for organizations, who are going to deploy their video and audio contents on the Internet, and to build the cost-effective unified communication platform integrated with the enterprise resource platform, customer relationship management, and marketing portals.

A turn-key and customization consultation and system design include the most popular carriers and network operators fulfilling communication and Internet connections to the greater China region.

System Architecture


    • Head-end subsystem:
        The above diagram of head-end solutions we’ll offer flexibly and cost-effective for customers.
    • The BIG Cloud: Stream Delivery Platform – Goalbit Play Platform
      • Manage live and on demand content.
      • State-of-the-art from the latest video protocol, HLS, plus an optional P2P plugin for end users complementing it, which means server-side bandwidth savings.
      • Allow premium rich-media content and user generated content for live and on demand.
      • Approximately 150 video and audio codecs. Easily add of new encoding profiles in order to work with any device.
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    • Customer Equipments:
        We may support all the features as the above diagram, and any specific requirement.


  • Internet TV and on-demand video delivery service
  • Content Delivery Network for streams
  • Digital Video and Audio Access Portal
  • Centralized control and management for digital signage
  • Hospitality Service for hotels and service apartments


Head-end Solutions

The following solutions supports most features capturing video signals ready for encoding to IP streams

High Definition Headend Solutions

Digital High Definition Headend for IP platform


Analog Headend Solutions

Traditional Analog signal head end solution for IPTV platform

ASI for Digital Video Broadcasting Headend Solution

State-of-the-Art ASI for DVB (terrestrial, satellite, and cable systems) Headend equipment solutions for IPTV platform

Sample of headend solution for IP streams


  • The above diagram is a sample to integrate most kinds of video signals converting to digital video streams capable to delivery through the Internet.
  • Local source stands for signals from camera, DVD/BlueRay, or even digital contents on digital storage devices/system such as mpeg4/mpeg2/mpeg video files played by 3rd-party devices
  • Digital TV signals from either satellite or terrestrial systems, and link the physical cables or wires to IRD
  • Analog signals from CATV, UHF/VHF, and/or other video devices with QPSK signals sent to the IRD
  • Internet streaming video and/or mp4/mpeg/ts/ps/rm/rmvb/… video files, can be delivered to the Transcoder converting signals to the broadcasting platform

Customer-end solutions

We’re proudly able to support custom players, API/SDK, and even hardware linux-embedded set top boxes, android tv box, Android HDMI dongle, and hybrid boxes with Android and digital TV receiver (optional for DVB-T/T2, ISDB-T, DVB-S, ISDB-S, DVB-C, ISDB-C…etc)

Certainly always we’re welcome for any other inquiries that we’ve not placed on our service and product lists; even any innovated ideas, we may support for design, prototypes, till mass-productions to satisfy your business.

Our professional services for customer-end solutions as below

  • Software Application Design and Development
    • Flash-base player on browser and Adobe Air
    • Apple iOS media player apps
    • Android APK media player
    • HTML5 video player
    • SDK and API
  • Set top boxes
    • Android IP TV box
    • Android IP TV box bundled with DVB-T/S/C
    • Android IPTV HDMI dongle
    • Embedded Linux Set Top Box

Media Server Solutions for IPTV broadcasting service

We are professional on related Internet media broadcasting solutions provided by Wowza Media System, LLC:

In regards to related information about Wowza Media System, please visit

Our professions are focused on system design/consultation, deployment, building, and maintenance for Wowza Media Systems; and support our customers to design  backend management system and client software, including Flash Player, PC/Windows/MacOS/Linux dedicated players, Adobe AIR player, Google Android APK applications, Apple iOS App for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, and anything about content security and management.

In addition, we also support professional design and deployment of system expandability and scalability, including hybrid platforms integration (RealNetworks Helix, Microsoft Silverlight, Apple Media platform, Streaming Content Delivery Network, and P2P system), and cross-regions (especially to China and India)…one-stop-stop total solutions.

Content Distribution through the world

We proudly introduce the best of streaming content delivery network (CDN) service provider — Octoshape ApS. Octoshape provides the highest quality multiscreen TV-quality viewing experience for TV Everywhere and (OTT) Over-The-Top broadband content offerings.

Partnership with Octoshape ApS


As a partner of Octoshapes, we provide the best distribution network in China for enterprises who are planning to deliver digital video contents through the China.